Registration on the Site

I finally got tired of fending off the bots and the spammers, so I’ve altered the site registration process. It used to be that you (anyone) could initiate your registration which would then go into a queue awaiting Webmaster review and approval.

Unfortunately, the number of legitimate members of AMM were vastly outnumbered by bots and spammers and I’d have dozens, sometimes hundreds of these fictitious registrants to delete.

So what this means is, if you’re a dues-paid member of AMM and you’d like to register on the site (these actions are not automatic), please send an email to and I’ll react to that pretty quickly. You’ll need to send me the following information:

  • A Username. Can be your name, a hobby, or anything but an email address and it must be all one word or connected with an underscore like Firstname_Lastname.
  • An active email address.
  • A password of your choosing.

You can change your password by clicking on the “Howdy, (your username)” greeting in the top right corner of your browser window and then “Edit profile”. You can also add other details as you’d prefer.

Updated: March 20, 2019 — 3:50 am